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Hi, I'm Maru.

I'm a singer, and a songwriter. I'm also a master in Cognitive Psychology, a coach and a speaker.

I love music. I love singing. I love voices. I love positive psychology. I love a good story. I love connection. I love making people feel good. I love supporting people in their journey. I love seeing what happens when you give people the tools to get in the flow, and the space to explore self-expression.

The Vocal Psychology Program
A 12 month online 1:1 coaching program

Holistic Vocal Coaching
Performance Coaching
Mindset Coaching

The Vocal Psychology® program is customized coaching in all the things YOU need to succeed as a singer. you will learn how to sing like a professional AND build up the confidence you need to perform at the level you want.

Online courses

Since 2008, Maru has successfully coached hundreds of singers (from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals) to bring out the very best in themselves, honoring the mind-body connection.

The Mindset Coach (for singers & songwriters) Podcast

In this podcast I share ideas, tools, stories, exercises… everything I’ve learned about how to create a super strong mindset that helps you deal with all the things thrown your way as a singer/songwriter.

The Wanawana Circle

Your new favorite songwriters circle! The Wanawana Circle is an online membership that helps you reconnect with the joy of songwriting & find your unique voice as a songwriter.

Live workshops, mindset tools (rooted in psychology), journal exercises, and a supportive community help you improve your songwriting AND your mental health.

Let's get you into 'the flow' and keep you there.



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Hire Me As a Speaker

Maruja Retana (Maru) helps singers & songwriters achieve peak performance, also known as ‘the flow’. She signed with Sony/ATV in 2011 as a singer/songwriter, worked with several top producers, artists and songwriters, released songs that appeared in the charts, on the radio and music festivals, and performed all over the world. Having achieved her childhood dreams, Maru felt inspired to help other singers navigate the challenging music industry. She founded the Vocal Psychology program - a combination of voice coaching, performance coaching, and mindset coaching - and has successfully coached hundreds of singers (beginners and professionals) for the last 10+ years.

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Why you don’t need to find your voice Confession: The phrase ‘find your voice’  kinda makes me cringe 😖 Simply because it’s inaccurate. I mean… did you wake up speechless? Did it disappear in the washing machine, chilling with your favorite socks? Or did you leave it in your jeans pocket? Darling… you already HAVE …

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