Online singing lessons | Worth it?

I’ve been getting a lottt of questions lately about whether I think online singing lessons are as effective as face to face lessons. And to be quite honest, when I first jumped on the technology train, I was unsure of this fact myself. Would I be able to ‘read’ my students and rely on my intuition the same way? Would I be able to spot the subtle differences in body adjustments, air flow and tonal changes? Would I be able to provide enough emotional support, in moments of vulnerability?

Now that I have been teaching vocals (and even done remote in-studio vocal productions) via my bff FaceTime for 3 years in a row, I can wholeheartedly say: YES, online singing lessons are as effective as face to face lessons…if not better.

Better? Yup. Here’s why:


Less fluff

Even though I genuinely enjoy catching up with my sweet students on how they are doing and how their week has been, I find that the ‘hello & goodbye’ part of online singing lessons is way shorter. No need to hang up a coat, fill up a glass of water, ‘land’ a little bit before we begin… Online hello’s are about 5 minutes max, face to face hello’s can easily take 15 minutes. A little less conversation, a little more action, as Elvis once sang. In this case, that means more valuable time for the reason why you’re really here: the actual lesson!

More openness

Having said that, there are many moments in a lesson when talking actually IS essential. One of my specialties is helping people sing from a genuine emotion. To do that, you first have to connect with that genuine emotion! We reach this emotion by recalling situations where that emotion came up and was extremely vivid. Of course, in these talks, we only go as emotionally deep as the student wants to go. I’ve noticed that the FaceTime barrier can actually be quite helpful in this process. Being in this shared personal bubble, but at the same time being in their safe space gives my students a greater sense of…well, safety, which makes them feel more free to be open and vulnerable.


My favorite reason why online singing lessons are AWESOME: We can record the whole lesson. Sure, you can record a face to face lesson as well, but I find that the sound just doesn’t give you as much info as the online version. It’s usually a bit room echo-y and because of that, it’s easy to miss a lot of the details. By doing a screen recording you have a very clean and clear registration of your progress. It is one thing to ‘feel’ a certain adjustment as you sing, but it adds a whooole ‘nother dimension when you also hear it and see it. Bonus: It’s a great way to monitor your habits as well.
‘I *was* dropping my jaw!’
‘Hmmm, check again… ;)’

This will raise your awareness much quicker, which helps you take bigger steps towards progress incredibly fast!


Ahh.. my favorite. I’m a huge fan of ease. Online singing lessons are eeeeeasy. Just open your laptop and you’re ready! No traveling time. No traffic. No parking. No hassle. No pants. (Just kidding, please wear pants) I get to work with wonderful people from all over the world: from Miami to Denver, and from the UK to Australia. They get a chance to work with someone who is active in the LA music industry (me, lol), something that would have been very costly otherwise. You save time, energy and money AND you get to wear your pj’s if you want. Is there anything better than that??


So there you have it, darlings, my 2 cents on why I believe online singing lessons are the bomb dot com. Still not 100% sure? Book a free online trial session now, and see for yourself if it helps you as much as I think it will.


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